Buddha Herbal’s Ayurvedic and Herbal Products,Online
Buddha Herbal’s Ayurvedic and Herbal Products,Online
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    Mother Nature Holds The Ultimate Solution to all your beauty and Personal Care Needs..

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    Authentic  Handmade Herbal and Ayurvedic Products Online..

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    Kabari Herbal Hair Fall Control Oil..

    Control Hair Fall..Naturally..

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    Now..Ayurvedic After Delivery Care in the comfort of Your home..With Prasavaraksha Ayurvedic After Delivery Care Kit..

  • Ayurvedic and Herbal Products Online

    Experience Authentic Kerala Ayurvedic Products..Now at Your fingertips.. Buy Now.!

About us //

Our company

India, the land of Ayurveda has been the home for thousands of herbs which has amazing, curative, heeling, rejuvenate, and revitalising effects. Here they existed, from time immemorial, as a true embodiment to the miraculous effect that natural herbs and nature can cast upon mankind; a fact that’s accepted the world over now.

We are a Herbal, Wellness, and Ayurvedic products manufacturing company, established over three decades ago. All of our products are exclusively handmade, using only natural herbs and flowers, most of them sourced from our own herbal garden, using only traditional manufacturing techniques, and formula, passed on to us from our ancestors.

This approach has helped us to maintain the quality, purity, and exclusivity of our products, a fact about which we are proud about till date. This approach has helped us to carve a niche for our products in the vast  herbal wellness products market.

We find pride in the fact that, over the years we have been able to satisfy the beauty and personal care needs of thousands of people, a fact about which all our satisfied customers will swear about.

Another fact which makes us feel proud and fulfilled is that many a health resorts of International standards do trust us and purchase wellness products from us.

We have our own natural herbs farm, secluded inside deep forest, where we cultivate the herbs and flowers that are used as raw materials for the manufacturing of our wellness products, without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides, just to ensure that our end products are free from chemicals and contamination. This strategy has helped us to maintain the purity and quality of our herbal formulations, and also to insulate ourselves from the flexuation in quality of raw materials supplied by outside vendors affecting the quality and effectiveness of our products.

 Our mission is to spreed awareness about unique handmade herbal products prepared using only natural herbs and flowers and to educate people about their benefits and advantages and our vision is a world where people live healthy and  all their wellness and personal care needs  are satisfied by cosmetics that are free from chemicals.

Our team

Buddha Herbals & Ayurvedic health Solutions is founded by Dr N Dayanandan,in the Year 1980, who is an eighth generation Ayurvedic physician, who belongs to the famous Manickanazhikathu family of Travancore, which has made many contributions to the System of Ayurveda through their own research works and unique formulations of medicines for many a disease through generations, and which has a tradition in the field of Ayurveda for about 250 years, spanning over 8 generations.

 Dr Dayanandan started Buddha Herbals, motivated by a desire to make the enormous amount of knowledge he have inherited from his forefathers about natural products and natural herbs to be useful to people at affordable cost. At Buddha herbals, we can proudly say that we have stayed true to our motto right from our inception till this date and we have succeeded in making our founding principle a reality by providing quality products that we have manufactured making use of  our ancestral knowledge we have inherited from our forefathers  to millions of  people from different parts of the world.

Now the next generation of Dr Dayanandan, Dr Anu, Dr,Deepu,Dr Vaishnavi and Mr Anand is  determined and taking the initiative forward by fusing the traditional knowledge with modern technological advancements by manufacturing pure and effective natural organic products that suits the needs and aspirations of today’s Generation Y.

Other Information

All our products are based on pure natural organic ingredients and based on our own formula. All our ingredients are herbs and flowers and it does not contain any chemicals in it. Also, we haven't harmed any animals or birds during the development of our products. 

Our Manufacturing License NO:27/25D/02

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